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Flavour and wellbeing: the winning duo

Flavour and wellbeing: the winning duo
4 September 2018
Vegan and gluten-free: Da Mario, the flavours you would never expect

Da Mario” is the living proof that behind every business there’s a story narrating values, traditions and motivations. An enterprise with a story concealing the emotional connection spurring an entrepreneur to not only sell his product, but to also permeate his business with his entire personal store of knowledge. And it is probably the latter to create a direct link between the professional and their clientele, a link focused on the desire for care and attention. Da Mario, centred in Cuneo, is a business producing gluten-free and vegan foodstuffs; there is often a concrete reason behind a user’s choice for particular kinds of food. Celiac disease is not a choice but a pathology and it is exactly on this assumption that Da Mario is committed to make foodstuffs satisfying not only needs but also the palate. The company’s targets also include a challenge: opposing the biased attitude towards the taste of gluten-free food, guaranteeing safe, good products. “The taste you would never expect” is in fact its motto. Da Mario also insists on the quality-taste match for its vegan foodstuffs: from sweet to savoury, the business produces packed food useful for breakfast or snacks between meals, abiding by ethics and  flavour. The entrepreneurial decisions taken by the business are based on human values that help Da Mario to recall recipes prepared “as in bygone times”, with the warmth of the family and desire to amaze those who choose their products for the first time or for whom it is a daily routine. Values born from the personal experience of the owner Lorenzo Rizzi, who grew up in the small workroom where mamma Antonietta and papà Mario, chef, spent the best part of the day, their abilities being shared with assistants whose workmanship and competence is irreplaceable. The determination, perseverance and love of those initial times are the solid foundations sustaining the business as it is today, with the precious contribution of Sabrina Tomatis, assuring quality craftsmanship, reliability and an organization with on-time delivery in Italia and throughout the world. A mission leading Da Mario to be first choice amongst the many enterprises working in this sector of late, for those with a preference for gluten-free, lactose–free and vegan products.

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